Ten Year Old Dallas Jonathan James Died of Dehydration, Parents Charged

Jonathan James, a ten year old boy, is dead because he wet the bed and his stepmother and father would not let him have anything to drink for five days and was put in a room with no air conditioning and told to stand by the window. During this time the temperatures were one hundred degrees or higher. He died not only of dehydration but because he choked to death on peanut butter that got stuck in his throat and neither his father nor stepmother would give the child anything to drink to wash it down with.

At this time both his father and stepmother are in jail after being charged on Thursday with injuring to a child causing serious bodily injury. I personally think both should be charged with murder and treated the same way they treated the child.

His twin brother and older stepbrother were in the house at the time of this punishment and though his twin brother wanted to help he was scared he would be punished the same way his brother was being punished. Both of these children are okay and staying with relatives.

The boy who died collapsed and when he fell he hit his head on the floor. When his father took him to the hospital he told the hospital staff that the child was sick but the medical staff was unable to do anything to revive the child.