Dehydration Caused Cancellation Of Tom Jones Concert In Monaco

Fans of music legend Tom Jones who wants to see him perform live in Monaco better set aside such dreams at the moment. Jones, 71 and his crew were forced to cancel his scheduled concert in the scenic island country due to dehydration. According to reports, the widely popular singer of “Sex Bomb” is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital in Monaco due to his medical condition.

The entourage of Jones blamed the dehydration on a long successful tour “where many of the shows were in locations that were in the throes of high summer heat.” The veteran singer is very sad with the cancellation of his concert in Monte Carlo and sincerely apologized to his adoring fans in Monaco. Jones said he loved to perform to his fans in Monaco but his physical condition could not allow him to perform to them on Saturday evening.
It was learned the cancel led concert is the finale of his 3-month “Praise & Blame” tour.

Jones, is a Welsh singer, popularly known for his powerful voice. Since making his debut in the mid 1960s, Jones has sung many styles of popular music pop, rock, R&B, show tunes, country, dance, techno, soul and gospel and sold over 100 million records. Moreover, he is considered as one of the top superstars in the global music industry today.