Michelle Bachmann Uses Hurricane Irene To Hit Obama’s Policies

The political battle for the 2012 presidential race in the United States is getting hotter and more exciting. The recent Hurricane Irene that hit the US was used by Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann as tool to hit the policies of President Barrack Obama to gain grounds in her presidential ambition. Speaking before a group of senior citizens in Poinciana, Florida, Bachmann said Hurricane Irene which hit the US is an act of God (that’s right, Bachmann doesn’t believe in weather or atmospheric conditions, just God) to tell Washington to change its policies.

Bachmann, the fiery congresswoman from Minnesota explained the hurricane is an eye opener for Obama that he needs to change his policies for the sake of the American people and whole country in general. Majority of the elderly who attended the event merely laugh off the tirade of the congresswoman instead of taking it seriously. According to reports, is picked to by religious and social cons ervatives to win in the next US presidential elections. However, recent survey result have shown that she is lagging behind other Republican hopefuls Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who apparently don’t believe that God sent Hurricane Irene to the east coast.

The congresswoman has held her post since 2007. Before becoming a congresswoman, she previously worked in the Minnesota State Senate and is the first Republican woman to represent the state in Congress.