Mother who Dropped Baby From Parking Garage Arraignment Postponed Again

The mother who dropped her baby, mentally disabled seven month old son from a hospital parking level was back in court on Monday in a wheelchair but her arraignment was postponed for a second time. She said very little during the hearing. The next arraignment will be on September 30, 2011 per her public defenders request. She has been kept under a suicide watch following her arrest last week. She could be facing up to twenty five years maximum in prison if she is convicted at trail.

The first arraignment was supposed to take place last Thursday but the doctor who evaluated her stated that she was mentally unfit to go to court. At this time she is being held on a one million dollar bond. They are also trying to determine if she is in this country illegally.

Her husband says that she was suffering from severe postpartum depression but she had trouble accepting the baby because of the problems with his health. The Orange County Deputy District Attorney is saying that this woman knew what she was doing when she pushed her seven month old son to his death. After this heinous act she went back inside the hospital to make sure that she validated her hospital parking ticket before she fled the scene.