Two Tourists Found Dead In Californian Desert Due To Extreme Heat

The quest of two tourists to view and experience the wonders of the Californian desert have ended in tragedy. The body of a 44-year-old Dutch music promoter and his 38-year-old German girlfriend were found dead inside the Joshua Tree National Park in California due to heat exhaustion caused by the hot temperature in the area. Police authorities in California said couple Augustinus Van Hove and Helena Nuellett died while trying to explore the park with the us e of a sedan shortly before noon on Monday.

Authorities said the vehicle of the couple could have stranded prompting them to get out of the car to sought help. As the two are walking along the hot desert heat exhaustion set in that lead to their eventual death. According to reports, Joshua Tree National Park sprawls over more than 1,200 square miles (3,100 square kilometers) of the rugged Colorado and Mojave deserts that attracts about 1.4 million visitors a year.

The park is a favorite place to visit among Europeans during the summer months. The park became a National Park in 1994 when the U.S. Congress passed the California Desert Protection Act (Public Law 103-433), it had previously been a U.S. National Monument since 1936. The name of the park was taken from the Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) forests native to the park. Moreover, it was learned that a large part of the park, some 429,690 acres (173,890 ha), is a designated wilderness area.