Hurricane Irene Damage Costs In North Carolina Estimated at $71 Million

In North Carolina it has been estimated that Hurricane Irene has caused more than seventy-one million dollars in damages including either severely damaging or destroying at least one thousand one hundred homes. This damage covers seven of North Carolina’s hardest hit counties on the costal area. The total is expected to rise once the losses from agricultural are figured in. Hurricane Irene has become the most expensive North Carolina hurricane.

A highway on the Outer Banks was broken up in several places and they are asking for the transportation officials to help find a short term solution because this highway is the link connecting the islands of Ocracoke and Hatteras from the mainland. At this time the over all power outages still are affecting one hundred thirty eight thousand people. After Hurricane Irene the number of power outages was over six hundred thousand people.

At this time North Carolina the energy company is hoping to have ninety-six percent of the affected customers back with power by midnight tonight. Another power company is hoping by Friday to have power back on for ninety to ninety-five percent of its customers who were affected in North Carolina and Virginia.