New 2015 Land Rover Defender May Be Unveiled in Frankfurt Auto Show

Land Rover, maker of luxury SUV’s is planning on bringing a more modern looking version of its Land Rover Defender 4×4.  Why they are announcing this in 2011 is beyond us, but they do plan to unveil the concept for the 2015 Land Rover Defender, unimaginatively named the DC100, at this years Frankfurt Motor Show taking place on September 13.

While Land Rover states it plans on bringing the Defender to the global market, it hasn’t actually come out and said that it will sell the Defender in the United States.  The original Land Rover Defender, which has a large cult like following in the military and consumer markets, did sell in the United States in the 90’s but was pushed out of thle market by new safety rules and other marketing factors.

Like other manufacturers new look SUV’s, it looks like the new Land Rover Defender will have a much more refined and sophisticated design, while attempting to keep with the no nonsense tradition of the original Defenders.  We’ll have to wait until 2015 to see if they can pull off the impossible on this one.

With a four year lead time on the design and manufacturer of this iconic SUV, Land Rover will have it’s hands full, coming up with a production ready concept while keeping up with the ever changing consumer tastes, safety regulations, and of course the ever tightening fuel economy and emissions regulations.