No Fatties Here: Colorado Has Lowest Obesity Rate In USA

If there is one place in the United States that has less obese people it would be Denver, Colorado.  A recent survey has shown that Colorado is the place in the US that has the lowest rate of obesity. In the latest survey conducted by Gallup poll only twenty percent of residents in Colorado are obese compared to other places in the US, such as  West Virginia which has a 34 percent obesity rate.

The pollsters gathered the result by interviewing 177,237 Americans, ages 18 and older, conducted in January through June.  Those who participated in the survey bared their height and weight, from which the researchers calculated body mass index. In this study, BMI scores of 30 or higher were considered obese. Taking second place in the study is Utah with 21.6 percent.

Here is the list of the other US states and their corresponding obesity rates: Connecticut 21. 7 percent, California 22.1 percent, Rhode Island 22.1 percent, Massachusetts 22.6 percent, New Jersey 22.6 percent, Nevada 23.6 percent, Minnesota 23.8 percent, Florida 24.2 percent. Colorado encompasses much of the Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.

The study did not provide any information on why there are fewer obese people in Colorado, but one can surmise that given the natural beauty of the area, more people get off the lazy ass and exercise in the great outdoors.  Also education and income levels have an impact on obesity levels.  Either way, if you’re looking to lose weight quickly, put down that Twinkie and move to Colorado