Illinois Gardener, Wayne Sabaj Finds $150,000 In His Garden?

In Illinois forty-nine year old unemployed Wayne Sabaj was working in his backyard garden when he some bags filled with one hundred fifty thousand dollars among his peppers. He was going to get some broccoli for his supper when he saw what he thought was some trash bags. When he investigated farther he found them full of twenty dollar bills.

The unemployed man knew that he could really use the money but he was afraid that trouble would come with the money like it was from a robbery and the police would think he had committed the robbery. Being an honorable man, he called the police to report his find. At this time the police are stumped as to where the money came from and how it came to be in this man’s vegetable garden. There have been no banks robbed or burglaries reported.

The man who found the money is a little concerned that whoever left the money there would be back. The police are trying to figure out if he can keep the money if no one can claim the money legitimately. At this time the money is with the county sheriff’s department for safe keeping. The sheriff’s department has left a card on the lawn where the bags were found with a simple message asking them to call the sheriff’s department if someone returns to claim the bags they left there.

I say give Mr. Sabaj the money, because there is no way anyone is coming back to get the cash back from the police!