Logger Performs Amputates His Toes To Free Himself From Trailer

In Colorado a sixty-one year old logger amputated all his toes on his right foot with a pocket knife in order to get free from a seven ton trailer. On August 19th he was working in an isolated forest alone when the trailer fell on his foot. He was gathering firewood for the upcoming winter months. When he was working on the tractor-trailer the trailer became detached when it lurched forward and landed on his right foot. He said that it felt like he had caught his foot in a bear trap.

When he realized that he could not free himself he began to holler for help but after thirty minutes with no sign of help arriving he knew that he had to do something before shock happened so he reached for his pocket knife. He first cut off his boot and that is when he realized that the only way that he would be able to free himself was to cut off his five toes.

He stated that the smaller toes were easy but that it took work on the bigger toes to cut through the tendons and the blade was starting to get dull. Once he got his toes cut off he made a tourniquet out of his shirt to help stop the bleeding and then drove his truck down the mountain pass until he could get a cell phone signal. He called for an ambulance which met him at a reservoir and took him to the hospital. They could not re-attach his toes. The logger had to spend four days in the hospital but is doing okay now.