CE Top Stories For Friday September 2 2011

Here are the top stories California Examiner is watching for Friday, September 2, 2011:

–  President Barack Obama‘s jobs speech timing:  White House says that people don’t care about timing of his speech — We at CE can take it further and say that people don’t care about the content of the speech.  Obama’s (or any politician’s) ideas on job creation are completely useless and a waste of time, and tv air time.  He should just go back to Martha’s vineyard for a few more months.  The outcome would be the same…zero.

– Moammar Gadhafi says “We are not women..we will never stop fighting”  , will never surrender.  Gadhafi obviously hasn’t met my ex wife…..

– Firefighters continue progress on Possum Kingdom Lake blaze

– Church’s $80,000 winning lottery ticket