Hacker Gets 6-year Jail-Term For “Sextortion” Charges

The court convicted a 32-year-old man in Southern California to a lower penalty of six years jail-term for hacking into computers of women and teenage girls and take their sexually explicit photos illegally. The court added aside from taking these sexy photos accused Luis Mijangos, of Sta.  Ana also used these photos to asked his victims to provide them more sexually explicit photos so that he will share these photos to other people.

US district judge George King ruled the pieces of evidence provided by the prosecution is sufficient to convict the accused to his pending cyb er-terrorism case. “Society has to understand that if you engage in this type of behaviour, it’s no joke,” King ruled. King said hackers who will commit the same crime in the future would suffer even more severe penalties since what they are doing is a severe crime.

The accused got the lower penalty for his crime after he admitted guilt to his pending case. Mijangos was very apologetic for what he did and asked forgiveness to all his victims. Based on court records it was learned that Mijangos sent malicious software disguised as popular songs or videos to his victims’ computers that also were unwittingly sent by  women and teenage girls to their friends and family.

The court record said Mijangos unlawfully accessed and could control more than 100 computers. Moreover, it was discovered that the accused read their emails, watched them through web-cams without their knowledge and discovered nude photos they had taken of themselves. Mijangos the n threatened to post the images online if they went to police and demanded that they provide more racy photos or videos to him.