Community in Southern California Threatened by Wildfire

A small desert community that is east of Los Angles is being threatened by an out of control wildfire. On Friday hundreds of firefighters were battling this out of control wildfire and at this time dozen of homes in this small community are in danger with one home already lost.

This fast moving, out of control wildfire broke out on Interstate 15 in the median near the Cajon Pass. It is also burning at the end of Oak Hills where the residents who live in the one thousand five hundred houses were under a mandatory evacuation order. The residents of Hesperia were also evacuated because of the thick black smoke from the wildfire.

So far this wildfire is to the south of this desert community and though they know that one house has burned to the ground they are not sure if any other homes have been destroyed or suffered any damage. There have also been two firefighters that have sustained injuries with one suffering from unknown injuries and the other from heat exhaustion.

This wildfire stated on Friday a little past noon and has so far charred approximately eight hundred acres by late Friday afternoon and forced them to close both sides of the Interstate where it started. Interstate 15 is the main artery between Las Vegas and Southern California causing a traffic jam for many miles in both directions as people was trying to get out of town for the holiday weekend.

They have no estimate when they might be able to contain this out of control wildfire.