Man Bites Python, Arrested

A man in California has been accused and arrested for biting his acquaintance’s pet Python in what they say was apparently an attack that was unprovoked. The man who is fifty-four years of age is in jail on the charges of “suspicion of unlawfully maiming or mutilating a reptile.” The python was injured badly and had to undergo surgery. The man stated that he had apparently blacked out from drinking and did not remember the incident but felt bad that it had happened.

The police responded to a report of an assault and found the man with blood on his face lying on the ground. While the police were trying to figure out what was going on two people approached them and told them that the man on the ground had just taken two big bites out of their python while he was holding the snake.

The two people gave the python to animal control officers who had been called to the scene so they could take the python to the veterinarian for emergency treatment. The python measured three to four feet and is recovering at the veterinarian’s office after they had to stitch the snake up. It appears that the man who bit the snake also swallowed part of the snake.