Tropical Storm Lee Drenching New Orleans and Surrounding Areas

From Texas to Mississippi tropical storm warnings have been put into effect as Tropical Storm Lee starts to pound the area with heavy rains. Some areas that could be affected by this tropical storm could receive up to twenty inches of rain. Along with these warnings also comes warning of possible flash flood from the Florida panhandle up to the coast to Alabama. These flash flood warning are issued because this Tropical Storm Lee is a slow moving storm and it is going to have a lot of time to drench the cities in its pass with a lot of rain.

This tropical storm’s biggest impact so far has been in the Gulf of Mexico oil fields with the daily production oil cut and oil rigs evacuated. Of the six hundred seventeen staffed production platforms, they have evacuated one hundred sixty nine of them and sixteen of the sixty-two oil rigs. This means that the daily oil production has been reduced by six hundred sixty-six thousand barrels along with one point seven billion cubic feet of gas.

Tropical Storm Lee is expected to come on land late Saturday in central Louisiana and head east, which would be toward New Orleans. The forecasters have stated that the center of Tropical Storm Lee is about ninety-five miles south of Lafayette with winds gusting to fifty miles per hour but could get stronger.

Tropical storm Lee is the twelfth named storm of the hurricane season in the Atlantic and is following on the heels of Hurricane Irene who hit a week ago killing fifty people.