Barrack Obama Calls On Congress To Pass Transportation Bill

United States president Barrack Obama has called on Congress to immediately pass the pending transportation bill to bring hope and happiness to the American public. Obama appealed to Congress to set aside politics by fastracking the passage of the transportation bill to put more budget for roads and construction works.

He said time is running out and it is now high time to pass this very important piece of legislature. “There’s no reason to put more jobs at risk in an industry that has been one of the hardest-hit in this recession,” Obama said. “There’s no reason to cut off funding for transportation projects at a time when so many of our roads are congested, so many of our bridges are in need of repair and so many businesses are feeling the cost of delays,” Obama added.

The president said the issue is not about the Democrats or Republicans but the American people. Obama echoed the appeal after a recent report has shown that the economy stopped adding jobs in August and unemployment stood at 9.1 percent.  The president said if Congress can finally approved the pending bill it can surely bring relief to unemployed Americans.  The Republicans assured Obama that they will passed the pending bill soon.