[VIDEO] Bald Dude Busts A Move In Latest Viral Video

The latest video by nathanjbarnatt on YouTube is starting to go viral thanks to some shares on Reddit today. The start of the video looks like a million cheesy youtube vids before it, but then this skinny balding dude in bad clothes starts dancing and you just can’t help watch it to the end.

The song, Pop Culture by Madeon is average at best, but the dancing performance by this scrawny geek is bloody amazing. So far, this latest craze has had 436,000 views since it’s upload on August 30. We suspect this will hit a million views by the Tuesday, and we at California Examiner are posting this to help get it there.

Here’s just a sampling of the feedback the video is getting every second:

Jenny Fine is such a babe <3 ChillinandKillin86 55 minutes ago He reminds me of Ted from Scrubs Askefasto 56 minutes ago @lorddio99 Well said, i cant get enough of it!! Adrian1105 58 minutes ago Huk brought me here MrTrinz 1 hour ago This vid makes me happy. Well done man with creating some happiness in the world kausti 1 hour ago Amazing 😀 NephilimDJ 1 hour ago awesome.  notheretopost 1 hour ago Ok I know for a fact I had my pants on before the video started... seskie 1 hour ago 4 70 people are souless robots tepin1234 1 hour ago this video is just epic servertot15 1 hour ago