[VIDEO]Usain Bolt Takes 200 Meters Gold In World Athletics Championship

After his disappointing 100 meter dash loss, Jamaican athletics superstar has finally found the reason to smile these days. This developed after Bolt handily won the 200 meter dash the second centerpiece event in the ongoing World Athletics Championship in Daegu, South Korea.  Bolt who was expected to rule the 100 meter dash before his disqualification due to false start, was all business in the 200 meter competition from start to finish.

To avoid being disqualified, Bolt stayed an instant longer in the starting blocks, and burst to the finish line. According to reports, the  19.40 seconds time of Bolt is the fourth fastest time in the history of the games. The athletic superstar is very happy with his feat since it showed the world he remains a star in the sport of athletics.

“I am still the best,” Bolt said. “It was beautiful”, Bolt added. With his inspiring 200 meters win, Bolt vowed to train even harder to win golf medals in next year’ Olympic competition in London. Based on internet data, Bolt is a four-time World and three-time Olympic gold medalist.

He is also the world record and Olympic record holder in the 100 metres, the 200 metres and (along with his teammates) the 4×100 metres relay.  Bolt became widely popular around the world after he won the 200 meters gold medal at the 2002 World Junior Championships, making him the competition’s youngest-ever gold medalist.