Yoga Offers Benefits To Diabetes Patients

Those persons suffering from type 2 diabetes could find relief from their medical condition if they engage in yoga classes. A recent medical study in India has shown that doing regular yoga sessions can reduce weight and at the same time control the blood sugar of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. The researchers gathered the data from the study they made on 123 middle-aged and older adults suffering from type 2 diabetes.

According to the study, those patients who undergo yoga for three months have lose some weight and have their sugar level on a steady and safe basis. Shreelaxmi V. Hegde of the Srinivas Institute of Medical Science and Research Center in Mangalore, India said although their study is very inspiring it is not a conclusion that type 2 diabetes patients abandon other forms of exercises and just focus on yoga. Hegde said to shed weight and defeat type 2 diabetes, patients needs to undergo variety of exercises not only yoga.

In this study, Hegde’s team measured participants’ blood levels of certain chemicals that reflect oxidative stress. They discovered that, on average, the yoga group’s levels of the chemicals dipped by 20 percent. Hegde explained that if such a decline in oxidative stress were sustained over time, it might lower the chances of diabetes complications, which include heart and kidney disease, nerve damage and damage to the blood vessels of the eyes. Moreover, Hegde revealed yoga may also curb oxidative stress because it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system the part of the nervous system that basically acts as a brake against the gas pedal of the sympathetic nervous system.

Today, yoga is considered as one of the most popular form of exercise today due to the huge number of people who practises it. In the U.S., hospitals and local community centers are increasingly offering such classes.