Wild Hogs run Rampant in New York

In Valley Falls, New York wildlife officials may have to ban captive boar hunts because they are trying to stop a growing feral hog population from getting out of control like it has in Southern states. In the Southern states there are herds that are running rampant and destroying wildlife habitat and crops with their wallowing, voracious foraging, and rooting. Last year they did a study and found that feral hogs are breeding in central New York in three different counties. Statewide the population is in the hundreds which are not very big compared with the feral hog population in Texas where there are approximately two million of them.

When the population reaches thousands of feral hogs, this is when the damage becomes more noticeable as they stake out home territories. One of the reasons that there are so many of these feral hogs running loose may be because they have gotten away from private hunting ranches. These types of ranches have deer, elk, and now wild boards on their ranches where people can come in and hunt for them. At this time, the feral hogs are near these ranches, or preserves.

These feral hogs are Russian wild boars and are notorious for being escape artists and breed easily and readily in the wild. This type of pig is adaptable and will eat most anything, intelligent, is able to live in a range of habitats and dig up lawns and croplands looking for food.

Exactly what they are going to do to take care of this feral hog problem has not been decided yet but it may come down to a feral hog shot and kill.