Massive Crocodile Captured in Philippines To Star In Eco Park [VIDEO]

A saltwater crocodile weighing one ton was captured alive by veteran hunters and villagers. They are planning to make this enormous crocodile the star of an ecotourism park that is still in the planning stages in a southern Philippine town. The crocodile measured twenty-one feet long and is a male. It took dozens of experts and villagers three weeks to capture this crocodile along a creek. It may be the largest crocodile ever captured alive in recent years.

Last month villagers saw the crocodile kill a water buffalo and this crocodile is also suspected of attacking a fisherman who has been missing since July. The crocodile destroyed the four traps that were set up to capture him by the hunters but were finally able to catch him using a sturdier trap that used steel cables. It took one hundred people to pull in the beast which weighted approximately two thousand three hundred seventy pounds. They pulled it from the creek to a clear where it was lifted into a truck with a crane.

At this time the crocodile is being kept in a fenced cage in the area where the town is planning to build their ecotourism park. This park is going to be for different species that can be found in the marshland around Agusan. The villagers are happy that they can make this crocodile less of a threat and more of an asset.