UN Says New Libyan Government Needs To Start Election Process Soon

The United Nations said to show the world the new government of Libya is serious on its commitment to democracy, it should immediately initiate the electoral process now that dictator Moammar Gadhafi is out. Ian Martin, the UN special adviser for Libya said aside from the election, the new transitional government of Libya also needs to have its own proper police force and army to replace the hundreds of  armed groups who patrol the streets of Libya.

Mart in said after Gadhafi had been defeated there is a security vacuum in Libya that the rebels need to immediately address including the proliferation of many weapons in the area. He said to avoid the repeat of military abuses in the time of Gadhafi, the new police and army force in Libya need to be properly trained and UN is very much open to help the Libyan people achieved it. In reaction to the assessment of UN, The National Transitional Council (NTC), Libya’s de facto government since Gaddafi’s stronghold in the capital was overrun last month, says that it is in the process of integrating the armed rebel groups into the government.

The NTC revealed that it has committed itself to building a democratic system in Libya to replace Gaddafi’s authoritarian rule. It has set itself a timetable to establish a formal government and schedule elections.  However, it has said that process will not get underway until “national liberation” without defining when or what th at is.