Obama Trust Rating Continues To Decline In Latest Survey

A change of leadership the White House next year is getting more and more likely these days. The latest survey conducted by NBC/Wall Street Journal has shown that United States President Barrack Obama is continuing to get low trust rating from the American public. Based on the latest result compiled by the two highly respected media companies, only 44 percent of Americans trust the leadership of Obama.

On the same survey it was also discovered that only 37 percent of Americans are happy on the way Obama handled the economy of the country. On the other-side of the coin, the race for the Republican nomination is now starting to become a one-on-one battle between Texas governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. In the same survey, Perry leads Romney 38 percent compared to only 23 percent of the latter in the GOP race.

However , on the same survey it was also discovered that to the two need to work extra hard if they wish to defeat Obama. If the US presidential race will be between Obama and Perry, the Texas governor would lose to the president 42 percent to 47 percent. If the battle will be between Obama and Romney, Obama would still prevail slightly 45 percent to 47 percent. Moreover, political experts said due to the bad economic condition of the US economy, the presidential race will be a tight battle between Obama and his Republican opponent.