No Money For Sex Change Operation? Rob Walmart!

Yes, it is true, sad to say but two workers at an Arizona Walmart where they worked stole forty five thousand dollars so they could not only fund a sex change operation but also buy a car. The Walmart was located in Prescott, Arizona and the two employees arrested were twenty-three years old and nineteen years old.

The twenty-three year old told the police that the reason that she stole the money was so she could go forward with a sex change operation to become a man. It is believed that at this time she had not made the arrangements for the operation but she had started the process.

When they looked at the video surveillance camera it showed that the nineteen year old distracted the cashiers so that the twenty-three year old could use a key to let herself into a locked cash office. Once they had the money the nineteen year old used twenty two thousand dollars to buy a car from a private seller.

Both suspects are in custody and all the stolen money has been recovered except for thirty-one cents. This was a dumb move on their part to rob a Walmart for this type of operation because it costs way more than what they had left after buying the car to get the operation they wanted. They should have robbed a bank instead.