Update: Terrorist Threat Aimed at New York and Washington D.C.

They are now saying that two of the suspects in the credible terrorist threat may be United States citizens. Al-Qaida may have sent two men that are either American citizens or are men carrying United States travel documents to carry out the latest terrorist threat in New York or Washington D.C. There is no information on the possible third suspect at this time. Although they feel the threat that was received is credible it has not be substantiated as to whether it is for real or just a hoax.

A tipster is saying that the possible attackers are of Arab descent and may speak both English and Arabic. Officials of the counterterrorism office are looking for certain names that have been associated with the threat but they are not sure if the names they have are fake or real. They have been working around the clock trying to determine if the threat is accurate.

Meanwhile, until it has been determined if the threat is for real or fake extra security has been put into place to help protect the people in New York and Washington, D.C. The people of these two cities are undaunted by the threat of a possible new terrorist act and are just moving among the police who are armed with assault rifles that are protecting their cities. They even waited with different degrees of patience at the security checkpoints.

Most of the people in these two cities are going about their business in a normal way and even President Obama is not changing his plans to fly into New York on Sunday to make the tenth anniversary along with stops at Shanksville, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.