Texas Wildfire Fifty Percent Contained

The wildfire in Texas that has consumed thirty four thousand acres, and forced five thousand people from their homes around the Bastrop, Texas area has been partially contained. What they are calling the “Bastrop Complex Fire” has destroyed one thousand five hundred fifty four home and is the worst in Texas history in terms of property destroyed. At this time there are also twenty two people missing. This list of missing people does not necessarily mean that they have perished in the fire. It only means that officials do not know their whereabouts. They could be with friends, on vacation, or staying in a hotel.

Last week winds whipped up the flames but the winds have died down. There is also one other major fire that is burning in Texas which they are calling the “Riley Road Fire” and it is also fifty percent contained. This particular wildfire has destroyed fifty-nine homes and is moving toward populated areas.

Over the past week there have been one hundred forty separate fires that have erupted across the state of Texas. All total, these fires have consumed one hundred fifty-four thousand acres. The main reason that Texas is being plagued by this many wildfires is the year long drought with more than eighty percent of the state experiencing exceptional drought. This is most severe category when it comes to droughts.