Go to Las Vegas to Shoot A Machine Gun and Drive a Bulldozer

There is a company in Las Vegas called “Dig This” that will let tourists get behind the wheel of heavy duty machinery that includes excavators and bulldozers in which they can play construction worker. It will cost tourists two hundred ten dollars for one and a half hours on just one machine. If you would like hours of play on an excavator and a bulldozer you can expect to pay seven hundred fifty dollars.

This company claims that half of the players are women. The company is using various empty construction sites for their adult playgrounds. They have even added a new thing to their construction work called “Dig and Destroy” package which costs five hundred twenty five dollars. With this package the tourist gets to work with the heavy machinery and then they are taken to a firing range and get to shot fifty rounds of ammo for a fully semiautomatic Sub-Machine gun, twenty rounds of ammo for a full automatic machine gun, and ten round of ammo for a short barrel Semi-Automatic shotgun. The company does offer less expensive “Dig and Destroy” packages.

If you want something different to do when you take a trip to Las Vegas besides gambling, and then this is an attraction that you should check out.

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