Gumby Robber And Accomplice Surrender To Police

Everyone in America is wondering what happened in the Gumby costume robbery case. The nineteen year old man who was dressed as the green animated character Gumby and tried to rob a convenience store in San Diego earlier this month has surrendered to the police. The surveillance video from the convenience store was broadcast in the news reports after it happened and made headlines. When the man turned himself in to the police he brought along his Gumby outfit and he was also accompanied by the get away driver who is also nineteen years old.

After taking down their statements and confiscating the Gumby costume, the police released the men. The police are going to give the evidence to the District Attorney’s Office. They may arrest the men and prosecute them for the attempted armed robbery.

It is not reported why the man dressed up as Gumby and tried to rob the store or even why he turned himself in because the police did not have any idea of who these men were but searching for them and any clues that might have lead them to the men.