No 2011/12 NBA Season Becoming A Reality As Labor Talks Collapse

The grim possibility that the entire National Basketball Association season will be scrapped this year is now becoming a possibility. This developed after the playe rs and team owners failed to find a solid ground on their labor meeting on Tuesday. NBA players union president Derek Fisher revealed the way things are going the new NBA season could not start on time or could not happen at all this year.

He said the request of the players to change the salary structure to give more money to the players is not supported by the team owners. Despite the setback, Fisher revealed the players are still committed to the process and will walk away from the table until a settlement is reached between them and the team owners. It can be recalled the NBA is currently on a lockout mode after the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the players and team owners already ended and the new CBA had yet to agreed or signed by both parties at the moment.

If the NBA labor dispute is resolved the training camp is set to start on October 3 and the regular season’s opening night is scheduled for November 1. NBA fans around the world hoped the labor conflict in the NBA could be resolved soon so that the new season of the premier professional basketball league in the planet could proceed this year.