Key California Beaches and Real Estate in Danger From Rising Seas

By the end of the century key California beaches along with several million dollars in real estate, tax revenues, and roads will likely be washed away by rising seas that are forecast to happen from climate change. Tourism in California will start to decline if the beaches start to shrink, erode, and disappear.

California received a grant from the state Department of Boating and Waterways University and spent a couple of years projecting the economic losses that several communities along the coast could expect from the climate change that could cause this type of disaster.

The coast communities that were studied, and are at risk, included:

  • San Francisco’s Ocean Beach
  • Carpinteria beach community
  • Venice beach community
  • Torrey Pines State Reserve,  near San Diego
  • Malibu beach community

The studies were based on the sea levels rising between one and two meters by the year 2100 and using models, they predicted which infrastructure, properties, open space, and wildlife habitat would be eroded or flooded and the amount of the losses. This study showed that the area that would be the hardest hit would be Venice Beach with a loss of ninety-six million dollars with a two meter rise in sea level. If the sea level only rose one meter the loss would be thirty-one point six million dollars.

Combining all the five areas the study figured that the loss could be between six hundred million dollars to one billion dollars or more. They also figured that almost five hundred thousand people and one hundred billion dollars worth of property along the entire coast of California were at the risk of suffering from severe flooding from the rising sea levels in this century.