Mentally Crazed Ax Wielding Man Kills 4 In China

A mentally crazed ax wielding man killed a girl and three others in a bold attack on the stree ts of Gongyi City in the  heavily populated Henan province in China on Wednesday. The Chinese police identified the suspect as Wang Hongbin who began hacking the victims without apparent reason as they passed by the street around 8:40 a.m. of September 14. The police said the suspect is a local farmer who is suffering from a mental illness that drove him to commit the gruesome crime.

Alert policemen immediately arrested the suspect after the attack. It was learned suck kind of sudden and violent attacks is quite common in China since 2010. Just last month, eight people including some children were wounded  when a female worker attacked a daycare center for migrant workers in eastern China. The attacker was also suffering from a mental sickness during the attack. With these string of attacks, civilians called on their leaders in China to put more security in their community to deter mentally sick people from inflicting harm to them.