Thirty Seven Students Stabbed With a Needle

In San Juan, Puerto Rico in a playground rampage a fourteen year old girl began running around stabbing thirty seven of her classmates with a hypodermic needle on Thursday. Her classmates were between the ages of twelve and fourteen and according to one witness the young child with the needle was acting like it was some kind of a joke.

A Health Department spokesperson said it is was not clear if the hypodermic syringe contained anything and that further tests were needed before they would know if it was contaminated. All of the children stabbed and their parents gathered to be tested for hepatitis C and HIV plus they were all given preventive medication.

Social workers have been interviewing the alleged attacker to see if they could find a motive. At first the girl told investigators that she had found the syringe but later changed her story and said that she stole the unused syringe from a relative she was visiting in the hospital and that she was planning on piercing her ear with it. It is still not clear why she decided to attack her classmates with it instead. At this time no charges have been filed but the student has been suspended from school