Majority of States See Rise In Unemployment Rates

In August, the third straight month, a majority of the states have seen a rise in unemployment rates which is an indication that the depressed job market is widespread across the United States. In twelve states the unemployment rates fell and in another twelve states the unemployment rate remained unchanged. Unfortunately in the other twenty six states the unemployment rates increased.

For the second straight month the unemployment rate state at nine point one percent with the economy adding no new jobs during the month of August. With the economy barely growing in the first half of the year many employers were pulling back on hiring. From May to August on the average the economy only added thirty nine thousand five hundred jobs which is down from an average of one hundred seventy eight thousand five hundred jobs per month during the first four months of the year.

For the fifteenth month straight Nevada had the highest unemployment rate and the rate in that state rose from twelve point nine percent in July to thirteen point four percent in August being hampered by a decline in tourism, depressed construction industry, and foreclosure.

The second highest unemployment rate was California at twelve point one percent, with Michigan as the third highest with eleven point two percent. The state with the lowest unemployment rate at three point five percent was North Dakota which had an unemployment rate of three point three in July. Their low unemployment rate is due to booming manufacturing, agriculture, and oil industries. The second lowest at four point two percent is Nebraska and the third lowest at four point seven percent is South Dakota.