Hunter Killed By Grizzly Bear In Montana

A male hunter met an unfortunate death after he was mauled to death by a grizzly bear while hunting in the mountains in  northwest Montana near the Idaho border on Friday. According to reports, the mans hunting companions shot the grizzly bear dead, after it killed their friend.  Montana officials said the incident is a great shock to them since the last time a grizzly bear killed a hunter was in 2001.

The officials said the victim died of his wounds after he was attacked by the animal in the the rugged Purcell Mountains. It was learned that the mountain is home to some 40 grizzly bears, which are listed as threatened in the Lower 48 states under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Gregg Losinski, member of a federal and state task force on grizzly bears, revealed the number of bear attacks in his area is low compared to previous years.

Losinski said what happened is an isolated event. He assured the public that officials in Montana have put up enough security to protect hunters from the attacks of the grizzly bears. The official said encounters between humans and grizzly bears are quite common since the bears are on a hunting mode these days to bulk up before hibernation.