Indian Quake Death Toll Rises To 81

People in the neighbouring Asian countries of India and Nepal, are now in mourning after a strong earthquake hit the two countries, which has caused the death of 81 people so far. According to reports, a magnitude of 6.9 earthquake struck both countries around 6:10 p.m. Sunday damaging buildings and killing people in the process. Authorities said the epicenter of the strong earthqua ke was in India’s Sikkam state near the border with Nepal.

The earthquake was so strong that the shake was felt across northern and eastern India, including in the capital of New Delhi. Indian and Nepalese officials said many of the people die due to mudslides triggered by the strong earthquake. Many areas in the two countries are now also in dark due to the destruction of their electricity. The national government already provided assistance to the victims and families of the those killed in the incident. A search and rescue operation is also now underway on the other victims who remain missing after the deadly earthquake incident.