Youngest LPGA Winner In History: Rising Golf Star Lexi Thompson, 16

A 16-year-old female golf star is now making headlines in the world of professional golf because of her skills.  Lexi Thompson made history recently when she became the youngest winner in the history of LPGA, the governing body of professional women players in golf in the United States. Thompson shocked the world when she won the Navistar LPGA Classic with a five-stroke winning margin on Sunday against older and veteran professional women golfers.

What makes her win awesome, is the fact that Thompson is not yet a full-time member of LPGA, since golfers can only become regular members of the premier golf organization when they are already 18 years old. Juli Inkster, the oldest professional woman golfer today at 51 years old said Thompson had it take to rule professional golf in the future. Inkster said if Thompson would continue to train and play hard there is no reason why she will not become a superstar golfer in the near future.

Thompson for her part is very happy with her feat and she hopes compete full-time in the LPGA tournament soon. The LPGA management said if everything falls into place, Thompson could be part of the year-round LPGA tournaments in 2012.