NFL League Memo: NFL To Crackdown on Fake Player Injuries

In a much appreciated move by the NFL, the league sent a memo to all teams Wednesday, September 21 warning teams that if the league determines any players faked injuries during a game, there will be consequences.

The memo warns of fines, suspensions  and even loss of draft picks if a player or team is found to be faking injuries to get a stoppage in play.  While there has always been a policy that instructs coaches to discourage this type of behavior, it seems that hasn’t put an end to this game time waster.

Teams can thank the New York Giants for this new crackdown on faking injuries.  There’s been plenty of speculation that New York Giants’ Deon Grant feigned a muscle cramp during Monday Night Football against the Rams.  It’s been suggested that the Giants were having difficulties dealing with the Rams no huddle offence, so they wanted someone to “go down” to give them more time to get players lined up.

Naturally Tom Coughlin, Giants head coach, said he had no idea that Grant might have faked his muscle cramp.   What did you expect him to say??

The league said from now on, if they determine or suspect that a player or players have faked their injury on the field, they will be called into the league office to discuss the issue.  Naturally there is much skepticism that this will be effective.  Is the league going to hire their own doctors to be present at each game,  to determine if an injury is fake or real??  How exactly does one determine if a cramp is fake or not?