Starbucks Being Sued Over Hidden Camera

A tourist from Virginia is suing Starbucks for three million dollars because of a hidden camera that was found in a women’s washroom in one of their stores in Washington. The camera was found by the tourist five year old daughter. The tourist is accusing the global coffee chain for negligence, invasion of property, negligent hiring, supervision, and training of staff, and “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

This occurrence happened in April when the tourist and his family was making a visit to the United States capital and when the camera was found the tourist reported the matter to the manager of the store. The police was called and they immediately roped off the washroom and dusted the camera for fingerprints before they took the camera for evidence. The camera was tucked inside the U-shaped drain under the wash basin.

The lawyer for the tourist is asking for a jury trial, one million dollars in compensatory damages, and two million dollars in punitive damages just on the count of invasion of privacy. The company has tried but failed to get the lawsuit thrown out of court because the tourist has not proven that any employee of the store did anything wrong

In my opinion, this was a five year old girl so how did she know to look under the wash basin for a hidden camera or why did she even look under the wash basin. Most people do not go into any washroom and look under the wash basin. I know I do not look under the wash basin but now I wonder if I should be doing this.