Troy Davis Could Be Executed Soon After Clemency Plea Denied By Parole Board

Controversial death row inmate Troy Davis could finally be executed soon after a Georgia parole board denied his appeal for clemency. Without any clemency, Davis could be executed by lethal injection around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Davis was earlier convicted to the supreme penalty of death after he was found guilty of shooting  and killing Mark Allen MacPhail, an  off-duty Savannah, Ga. police officer in 1989.

Based on court records, MacPhail was trying to aid a homeless man being mauled in the Burger King parking lot when he was shot dead before he could draw his service firearm.  Aided by his lawyer, Davis denied any guilty on the death of MacPhail. Some witnesses who pointed to the liability of Davis to the death of the policemen also recanted their earlier statements saying they were only pressured by police to tagged the accused to the crime.  Anti-death penalty advocates also showed support for Davis resulting to the suspension on the long delayed death penalty on the accused.

The controversial case even reached the Supreme Court.  But after a lengthy legal battle, the fate of Davis finally rest on the decision of the George parole board who decided to deny his appeal for clemency. Clemency under the criminal justice system is the act by an executive member of gov ernment of extending mercy to a convicted individual.
In the United States, clemency is granted by a governor for state crimes and by a president for federal crimes. Clemency can take one of three forms: a reprieve, a commutation of sentence, or a pardon.

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