Barrack Obama Orders Spending Review After Controversial $16 Dollar Muffins

In an effort to show the public the government is serious on its quest to save cost in spending in the wake of the financial trouble in the United States, US president Barrack Obama has ordered a review on all government spending in his administration. Obama made the order after certain sectors criticized his government after it was discovered in an auditing review that 16 dollar muffins were served at the Justice Department during meetings and conferences. The critics said such high amount of muffins is not right especially that the government is trying to save cost to save money to spend to other projects that will benefit the American public.

In view of the order of Obama, Vice President Joe Biden is tasked to lead the effort to cut excessive government spending. To follow the directive of Obama, Biden has ordered all secretary general or an equivalent chief operating officer at each agency to approve conference-related activities and expenses while the review is under way. Biden said the official of each agency will be held accountable for the spending of their department.

It can be recalled that on Tuesday, the the Justice Department’s inspector general found excessive spending on food and beverages in an audit of 10 department conferences. It found muffins that cost $16 apiece, coffee at more than a dollar an ounce and snacks, including Cracker Jack and popcorn, at $32 per person. Economic experts hoped the review will paved the way for better and cheaper spending on the part of the Obama administration.