United States Carries out Three Executions This Week

In the past week the United States has carried out three executions with one in Georgia, one in Texas, and the latest in Alabama. All three men were executed by lethal injection. In Alabama the man executed was convicted in 1194 of the execution style shooting of a store clerk who was twenty-five years old at the time of the shooting. He shot her two times at close range in the face. The executions in Georgia and Texas have both been high profile executions with the one in Georgia drawing international attention.

The reason that the one in Georgia drew so much attention is that the man who was executed may have been innocent according to his advocates. He was sentenced to die for the murder of a police officer. He has been on death row for twenty-two years. Since 2007 his execution had been stayed three times and he was even given a chance by the U.S. Supreme Court to prove his innocence in a lower court last year.

In Texas the man who was executed was a white supremacist who was convicted of helping to kill a black man by dragging him behind a truck. This was a case that started a wave of hate crime laws.

With these three executions this has brought the total of executions in the United States to thirty-one so far this year.