[VIDEO]Mazda CX5 Creates Buzz at Frankfurt Motor Show

The newest member of the Mazda family, the crossover SUV 2012 Mazda CX5 is really starting to gain some market recognition, after it’s first official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier in September.

The new Mazda CX5 is the latest in rapidly crowded “crossover” market, which includes the ultra popular Chevy Equinox, the Audi Q5, BMW X1, BMW X3, Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner/Mazda Tribute, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Juke, Mini Countryman, GMC Terrain, Acura RDX, Volvo XC60, Hyundai Tucson/Kia Sportage, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Land Rover Freelander, Infiniti EX, Skoda Yeti, Subaru Forester, Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, Volkswagen Tiguan, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, to name just a “few”.   This is just a handful of the competition the Mazda CX 5 will face.

Earlier this year the CX-5 was known as the Minagi concept car at the Geneva Motor show. But now it is creating international buzz  as additional Mazda CX5 spec hit the news wires and internet auto sites. The Mazda  CX-5 is being created to replace the Mazda tribute, which saw limited sales success since it’s launch.

The biggest buzz about the 2012 Mazda CX5 is the new SkyActiv 2.0 gas engine, with it’s apparently excellent emmisions and fuel economy.  In addition, the Mazda CX5 will be available with a ultra fuel efficient diesel engine.  At this time there is no indication that the United States dealers and consumers will be able to get their hands on the diesel Mazda CX5.

Here’s a video of the new Mazda CX5, courtesy of CNet.