No More Special Last Meals Before Execution In Texas

It has always been a tradition that can be traced back in history of anyone that is going to be executed in any prison in the United States to be allowed to have a special meal before they are executed. In Texas, the country’s busiest death chamber, the condemned inmate is going to have to eat whatever the kitchen is serving after the latest inmate there made a request and then did not eat any of it. It was not because he did not eat it but what he requested.

The inmate who caused this decision was a white supremacist who was convicted of helping to kill a black man by dragging him behind a truck more than ten years ago. For his last meal he asked for a triple meat bacon cheeseburger, two chicken fried steaks, three fajitas, a pound of barbecue, fried okra, a meat lover’s pizza, a slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts, and a pint of ice cream.

The chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee said that it was not appropriate to give anyone sentenced to die this type of privilege. As far as other states it is not clear if they have made similar moves but in Florida it is known that they have a forty dollar limit on their last meal request and others mandate the last meals be made in the prison kitchen. There are some that do not even acknowledge final meals.