Places you Cannot Take Your Car

People complain about the long commute to work, the high price of gas, the traffic jams, the cost of maintenance but in the same breath they would not give their cars up and walk wherever they had to go. But if you are one of those people who just love to walk no matter how far or what the weather is like there are places in the United States where cars are not welcome.

  • Monhegan Island, Michigan—this island off the coast is just barely one mile square so you can see there is no reason to need a car here but there are twelve miles of strenuous and steep trails if you feel the urge to walk. This island for decades has been a popular get away for artists and is also a prime fishing spot.
  • Governors Island, New York—the only wheels allowed on this island are bicycles which you can bring with you on the free ferry or you can rent one when you get there. This island was closed to the public until 2003 when the United States sold it back to New York for a dollar.
  • Hike Inn, Georgia—this place is deep in the Amicalola Falls State Park and to get there you have to hike in and it is going to take you anywhere from two to four hours to get there. At the Inn you will find showers and home-cooked meals but no electrical outlets in the bunkrooms. The guests are also requested not to bring cell phones, pagers, laptops, beepers, or any type of electronic devices.