Florida Millionaire Bob Ward Found Guilty Of Wife’s Death

A millionaire was declared guilty by a jury for the fatal shooting of his wife inside their Isleworth mansion, Orlando, Florida in 2009.  The court found Bob Ward, 63 guilty of second degree murder for the death of wife Diane Ward in 2009. Ward is set to be sentenced for his crime in November.

The jury ruled the prosecution panel was able to successfully prove the guilt of the accused to his crime. The jury said the claim of Ward that the death of his wife was an accident is not acceptable.  The lawyer of Ward asserted that the victim might have been suicidal and was killed accidentally when they struggle over a gun which accidentally fired.

However, the prosecution argued the victim was not suicidal in conversations that day with friends and family, and had just opened a Facebook account.  Moreover, according to reports, Ward was reported to have been under stress at the time of the shooting from a business bankruptcy and home foreclosure.