Spare Change? Private Islands For Sale Right Now

If you have one or two million buck just lying around collecting a measly savings rate, you can own your own private get-away island that is either undeveloped or already comes with everything that you already need. If you decide on an undeveloped island it can take from two to five years to make it your own complete refuge. So if you have that much lying around, here are some of the islands that you can purchase.

  • Lower Birch Island—this island is located in Maine and they are asking $1.295 million dollars but for this price you get a developed island that has twenty-three point six acres and a smaller undeveloped island that is four point four acres. On the larger island there is a three bedroom house and at this time the current owner is trying to get permits to build a four bedroom home on the smaller island.
  • Brewers Island—this is island is located in Maryland about fifteen miles from Baltimore and they are asking $890,000 dollars for a one acre island that is developed. It is located three hundred yards from shore in Marley Creek. On the island there is a two bedroom house and a one bedroom guest cottage. There are rumors that this island had been a part of the Underground Railroad for fugitive slaves.
  • Maude Island—this island is located in the Alaskan panhandle near Sitka and they are asking $1.5 million dollars for one acre that is developed. On this island you will find a three bedroom home with many large decks that give you views of mountains and glaciers.