Man Survives Four Days in Utah Desert With Broken Leg

Amos Wayne Richards, a 64 year old Concord, North Carolina man, on a solo hike in Utah who broke his leg and crawled for four days across the Utah desert is now at home recovering. His inspiration came from a Hollywood movie about a man who was trapped by a boulder in the same canyon cut off his own arm to him himself. The man said that he was inspired to hike the Little Blue John Canyon by the movie 127 Hours which was based on the true story of a climber who in 2003 also hiked into the area without letting anyone know of his plans. Unfortunately during his hike on September 8th he fell ten feet.

He was found by Canyonlands National Park rangers after four days of crawling. In addition to his broken leg he also dislocated his shoulder but after working on his shoulder for almost five minutes he was able to get it back in place. He had no cell phone service and the only thing he had to eat was two protein bars so he started his long crawl back to his car dragging himself almost five miles.

They began to look for him on September 9th when they found his campsite unattended and two days later they found his car. When they found him he was only two miles from his car.