Unsafe Sex Common Among Teenagers Around The World

Parents around the world need to read this article. A latest global survey has shown that unsafe sex is quite common among teenagers around the world. According to the data gathered by a task force of World Contraception Day revealed that young people who engaged in sex grew by 11 percent in France, 39 percent in the United States and 19 percent in Great Britain the past three years.

The researchers said many teenagers who engaged in sex in different parts of the world are mostly unaware of the consequences of their actions. Denise Keller, a member of the WCD task force said with this latest data, teenagers around the world need to  have access to basic contraception and the proper education on how to use properly to protect them while having sex. The data from the survey was taken from  6,000 young people from 26 countries including Chile, Poland and China, who were asked on their attitudes toward sex and contraception.

Based on the same survey, it was learned that more than  a third of respondents in Egypt believe bathing or showering after sex will prevent pregnancy, and more than a quarter of those in Thailand and India believe that having intercourse during menstruation is an effective form of contraception. Moreover, the researchers hoped their study will educate parents to tell their children about safe sex for them to avoid harm while doing sex.