Infinity M35H: Infinity Finally Announces A Hybrid Vehicle

Luxury car maker Infinity has finally joined the rest of the worlds auto manufacturers in coming out with a brand new gas electric hybrid, the 2012 Infinity M35H.  It remains to be seen whether consumers are ready to shell out more money to go a little green, and save a little bit on gas.

The Infinity M35H comes with a 3.5 liter double overhead cam V6 engine along with a 50kw electric motor, and has a base price of $53,700.  The regular M35 comes with a lower price base price of $48,500.  So the Infinity M35H costs about $5,200 more than the non hybrid vehicle.  So do the gas savings of the hybrid model make up for the higher price? Well that depends on how much you drive per year.

The Infinity M35H specs suggest it will do 27 mpg versus the non hybrid economy of 18 mpg, so it will get only 9 more miles per gallon of gas than the regular Infinity M35  If you drive 250 miles per week you’re going to save about 3.7 gallons per week, or at today’s gas price of $3.50 per gallon, you’re going to save a whopping $13 per week. That equates to $676 per year, or about $2,700 over 4 years (the average car loan length).

So while the tree huggers will say it’s all about the environment, most consumers will likely still say it’s all about the money, and go with the non-hybrid Infinity M35 over the hybrid Infinity M35H.  You also have to take into consideration that the hybrid could well require higher maintenance costs with it’s additional moving parts and machinery.