More Places You Can’t Take Your Car

Last week we shared with you three places that you cannot take your car but there are two more places on the list that you might want to visit if you want a vacation or just a weekend get-away not only from work but also from your car. These places would be good for a family or couple get-away.

  • Catalina Island, California—this island is just a ferry ride away from the car congested city of Las Angles and is a paradise for those that like alternative modes of transportation. On this island visitors can boat, zipline, kayak, parasail, SNUBA, helicopter, SCUBA and more. They can do just about anything water related but they cannot drive unless it is golf cart. You can only drive the golf carts in the main town of Avalon but you cannot drive it anywhere else.
  • Tangier Island, Virginia—this island is located in the Chesapeake Bay and there are three things that are not allowed on this island. They are alcohol, credit cards, and cars but they do take cash. While on this island you can relax and enjoy not only family or couple time but also crabbing, biking, boating, buggy tours, white sand beaches for sunbathing, and so much more. If you really need speed you can rent a golf cart.